We are lucky to be inspired. There is much more to what we do than just simple wedding photography. It’s the passion for life that resonates within us and the vibe of the place where we were born. However, our lives would be nothing without Mikołaj – our son.


Natalia Kalina
  • Natalia Kalina

  • Photographer
  • Natalia is the founder of Natalens Studio. She was born in Jelenia Góra. This special place, with its almost mystic atmosphere, shaped her and gave the true passion of seeing the world as an endless play of light and shadow. She’s an extremely open-minded and outgoing person, it’s hard to stop her when she begins to talk. 😉
Szymon Lewandowski
  • Szymon Lewandowski

  • Photographer
  • Szymon was also born is Jelenia Góra. He’s very passionate about people and their emotions. He sees photography as a way of catching the feelings and making them eternal.